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What are your fees?


I work on a sliding scale and they vary depending on a client's ability to pay, needs and location.

Where are you based?

I am based in London and Bristol.  However, I have travelled both in the UK and internationally to work with clients and families in the past. I also offer remote sessions (by phone or video call). 

What is Systemic Psychotherapy? 

Systemic Psychotherapy a research-based treatment, recommended by NICE guidelines. It is a relational approach, where we take the position that  everything in life is connected. It's important to explore how thoughts affect behaviour and how this behaviour impacts on the relationship with yourself and others. The Systemic therapeutic approach also takes into account how others' thoughts and behaviour influence the individual or the group. 

This inquiry looks at patterns and life cycle transitions and the wider context, such as influence of the media. It explores  gender, race, religion, age, ability, class, culture, ethnicity, sexuality ,spirituality and how they impact on our sense of the world, ourselves, and relationships. This may vary during different life stages and transitions, such as school, divorce, marriage, changes of job, age and illness and bereavement. This is a holistic approach, where we value different perspectives and feedback. In Family Systemic Therapy,  the family or significant others  are not only seen as an influence/ impact on us, but also as a resource to support and be part of a solution.

Often my work is helping families, couples ,groups and organisations to communicate more effectively and co-create more beneficial relationships. This creates a greater sense of agency and harmony, deepening fundamental wellbeing. 

The following article  from the Association for Family Therapy & System Practice  offers a useful overview of what systemic psychotherapy is and why is works  so successfully: 

How many sessions will I need?


There is always an initial assessment . At the end of the assessment, there is an agreed treatment plan, which sets out the goals and time scale for therapy. I usually offer 10 sessions to start with and a review after 6 sessions, but this varies depending on the client's needs.

How do I get in touch or book a session?

Please send me an email at and I will get back in touch as soon as possible to discuss your requirements, expectations and next steps. 

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